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DocuSign is the leading software for electronic signature, offering everything you need
to automate your entire agreement process.
DocuSign easily integrates into your existing applications such as SalesForce, Microsoft and SAP, and makes your business life that much easier.

What DocuSign can do for you


In HR, outdated and inefficient processes lead to delays,costs,and risk of compliance failure.

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Sales is all about revenue and customer relationships. Competition is tough and you need to keep up.

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Every company wants a smooth payment process, all while ensuring that their transactions are safe.

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IT is the key that drives most businesses. Mounds of paperwork can't be what's holding you back.

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Not only does a mountain of paperwork affect productivity, it causes a great risk of fraud for your legal department.

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The healthcare industry is inundated with agreements, that more often than not, need to be signed ASAP.

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Insurance often means a large amount of paperwork that you just cant seem to file away fast enough.

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No matter the size of your company, your agreements process is probably affecting your workflow.

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Hear From Our Partners
  • “I would not want to run any client services business without DocuSign.”

    Gregg Slow,EVP Sales & Client Services, XOJET
  • “Our outside sales force is entirely mobile. We equip all of our sales reps with tablet devices. The fact that we have DocuSign on it, allows us to close the loop, to close deals in one meeting, to go from initiation to close.”

    Terry Connell,SVP of Comcast Business
  • “DocuSign is helping us keep digital ensuring every dollar goes directly to projects. Being as effecient as we can as a charity that can save lives.
    So whenever we can, we just DocuSign it.”

    Craig Kielburger,Co-Founder of Free The Children
  • “At PenFed, giving our members the best possible experience is mission-critical. DocuSign gives our members convenience and peace-of-mind with the ability to do their banking easily anywhere, anytime while knowing their information is absolutely secure.”

    Chris Martin,Pentagon Federal Credit Union SVP of Service Center Operations
  • “We chose DocuSign because it is the market leader and simply the best in eSignature Services. DocuSign is fast, easy to use and flexible.”

    Eric Lester,Banner Life Insurance Company
  • “As soon as you put something to paper, it creates more layers of work and more opportunity for error. With Digital Transaction Management tools like DocuSign, you can prepare and manage documents from anywhere. DocuSign increases efficiency and mobility; it's simply a better way to do business.”

    Betsy Cohen,Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of Merchantry.com
  • “The introduction of DocuSign into our collections process significantly improved DSO contributing to access to over $1M in additional working capital on an annual basis.”

    Brian Frank,LinkedIn
  • “By adding integration with DocuSign, we are able to further enhance the account opening process. Enabling electronic signatures in a digital, straight-through-processing system, we can replace manual pen-and-paper signing, faxing and overnight shipping with a one-click process.”

    John Patullo,TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • “We’ve achieved a 60% increase in work with an 18% decrease in staff with DocuSign—that’s a 34% efficiency improvement … a huge accomplishment.”

    Steve Collins,Kelly Services