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How to take your Real Estate business Paperless
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How to take your Real Estate business Paperless

article by Paula Williams - WhaTech

You need to plan on how this change will affect your real estate business. It will be better when you can understand the organization’s best practices and learn from the previous mistakes of others.

Anyone who has dealt with real estate knows very well of the possibilities for a ton of papers involved. Going paperless has two broad issues; the writing is getting in and what you do with it once you get it.

The speed, reliability, and excellent customer service are vital for a successful real estate agent to make a big deal. Gone are the old days when you had to run after potential buyers for signatures.

An excellent eSignature for real estate companies helps you get your contracts to get signed, sealed, and delivered in no time. This article carefully guides on your move to a paperless organization.

1. e-contracting

An e-contract is an arrangement formed and signed in an electronic form. There is no paper use. For example, writing a contract on the computer and emailing it to a business associate that then emails it back with an electronic signature indicating acceptance.

It can also be in the form of click to agree on a contract. It usually comes with the downloaded software.

The user clicks a button to agree on a page that has the terms of the software license before completing the translation. People e-sign documents in many different ways such as typing the signer's name on the signature area, pasting a scanned signature or pressing the accept button.

Pdf software such as Soda PDF Anywhere is one of the many ways to help real estates to prepare a contract for e-signature. You may either upload or scan existing templates, tweak the content to reflect the needs of the new buyer or add all signature fields necessary.

You can also create a contract from scratch directly within the application. You can easily add multiple signers, signature fields and form fields like the date of signing and signer’s title when preparing your contract.

You may also request for a mandatory attachment such as a photocopy of ID and even add an expiry date to indicate the expected signing date.

2. Signature tracking

When working as a real estate salesman, it becomes frustrating to have hold-ups getting some documents signed. The loss of internal document results to just one consequence; a little bit of a hassle for you and your employees.

But the stakes are higher if you are dealing with potential clients or partners. Losing one of your contracts on mail may result in your clients choosing one of your competitors.

After sending your real estate contract to be signed, you need to give your recipient some time to authorize. The deal will be sent to all the necessary signers by email after which they can electronically sign by the touch of a button.

It takes a short moment to seal the deal. A real estate electronic signature through software such as Soda PDF Anywhere will allow you to track the status of each trademark in real time.

You can, therefore, know who has signed your contract and who is yet to sign. As soon as one has signed your agreement, a notification is sent to you so that you don’t miss a beat.

3. Evidence summary download

One of the significant reasons to have an e-signature for real estate agents is because it holds up in a court of law for their ability to produce a detailed audit trail. There are evidence summary generators that contain a list of all digital steps taken by all parties involved.

This electronic evidence is provided and authenticated by the trusted e-signature provider. You get the audit trail with just a click right in the app.

The e-signature evidence, proof around consent, tamper-proof, intent, presentation, compliance, and access are from both the document and the process. Document evidence is at the core of any e-signed transaction and addresses the basic requirements which describe the electronic signatures.

Process evidence provides the context for how an electronic record was presented, reviewed, and signed. It provides proof of how customers finalized a transaction on the web or through a mobile device.

4. Send reminder

Most of the electronic signatures’ software has an in-built reminder feature that makes it possible for the retrieval of signatures. You need to press the ‘send reminder’ button located next to each signer’s name, and you will have completed sending emails or calling buyers to the extent of leaving endless messages.

If you already set an expiry timeline, when prepping your real estate contract, recipients will automatically get notifications the nearer they get to the cutoff date. Through your signature report in signature flow, you get the ability to send manual reminders to the next signer of any document listed as “out for signature.” It is a powerful and straightforward tool to use from within your report.

These reminders will only get to the next person who has yet to sign the document. You can send as many reminders as needed.

You may track when a reminder was last sent.

Final thought

Whether buying, selling, or refinancing, e-signature solutions for real estate helps you concentrate and centralize all your real estate documents. You hence get electronic signatures to complete contracts faster.

By digitalizing your contract handling, you are likely to experience or enjoy a 70 percent reduction on contract rework time, virtually eliminating illegible writing and missed signatures. It gets more manageable for the real estate business to be up and running in minutes on any device.

Through a step by step guided e-signing experience, your clients will know where exactly to sign. e-signing enable real estate with the ability to deliver 100% digital transactions from all over the world.

Despite the time of the day and location, they get empowered to deliver amazing client experiences. When seeking out to move to paperless, you will need to consider opportunities that will help automate the process.

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