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Top Trends for Contract Management in 2020

article by DocuSign

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Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis. As organizations look to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, contract management has shifted from a back-office conversation to a way of gaining competitive advantage. Contract management solutions offer a compelling opportunity to automate key processes across the contract lifecycle, capitalizing on innovations in contract generation, collaboration, e-signature, workflow, and analytics. 

Here are the most promising contract management trends to watch in 2020.

What are the Benefits of using Electronic Signatures in the Insurance Industry?

article by Paula Williams - WhaTech

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E signature is not a new term as it has been with us for a long time even though very few of us have an understanding of the benefits it brings at the productivity level. Most of the industrial sectors today have shifted to this new technological method due to the immense benefits it comes with.

How To Introduce E-Signature Technology Into Your Business Processes

article by Arthur Pereless - Forbes

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We have come so far in technological advancement that it is hard to remember the way things were. In 1999, the idea of signing digital documents was hard to imagine. Twenty years later, e-signature technology has proven to be a great technological innovation.

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