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9 Ways eSignature Drives ROI

article by DocuSign

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Electronic signature lets organizations create, customize, send and sign agreements digitally and securely. With hundreds of millions of signatures sent digitally, we know that businesses love the speed and ease of e-signature, and so do their customers. 

Top Trends for Contract Management in 2020

article by DocuSign

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Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis. As organizations look to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, contract management has shifted from a back-office conversation to a way of gaining competitive advantage. Contract management solutions offer a compelling opportunity to automate key processes across the contract lifecycle, capitalizing on innovations in contract generation, collaboration, e-signature, workflow, and analytics. 

Here are the most promising contract management trends to watch in 2020.

DocuSign Aims To Build Upon Its $25 Billion E-Signature Opportunity

written by Robert DeFrancesco

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Organizations are steadily moving to adopt e-signatures, replacing the slow and expensive paper-based agreement process. A major beneficiary of this trend, DocuSign(DOCU), the leading player in the e-signature market, is on track this year to deliver top-line growth above 30%.

After Experimenting With Bitcoin and Ethereum, DocuSign Is Accelerating its Blockchain Ambitions

written by Steven Ehrlich

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Given the core facets of DocuSign’s business and its research into blockchain technology and smart contracts, the San Francisco-based company is in an unrivaled position to assess their utility and applicability to the needs of today’s businesses. Still, the road to blockchain adoption has not been a straight line, and the company’s plans face many of the same hurdles that other potential adopters are trying to clear. 

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